The Meta STEMs World Mathematics Olympiad is an international Olympiad in which students participate from all over the world Mathematics has long been an important part of the educational curriculum, and we use basic math in our daily lives. Math improves analytical skills while also developing mental capacities. Every student aspires to be the best in his or her class, and everyone wants to be the overall winner in the end. The online math olympiad has a unique quality of tasks that will raise the bar as well as push your own degree of analytical and mental talents. The test evaluates a child’s comprehension of the subject, as well as his or her degree of interest, and encourages the student to excel.

How Can I Take Part In A Math Olympiad?

Step 1: Individual Students or School Officials must register on the Meta STEMs website. To register, visit this link.

Step 2: After completing the registration process, schools will receive a unique registration number as well as a registration form. Individual participants will be notified via the contact details they provided during registration.

Step 3: For School Officials Only: Students must register by completing the Registration Form and paying the Participation Fee.

Step 4: After successful enrollment, you can get the syllabus and study materials for each group from our website.

Step 5: Exam Date Scheduler- Participants for the exam will be given various options to choose and schedule the exam as per their time zone.

Step 6: – Meta STEMs Education honors worthy students who excel in the international science Olympiad with prizes and certificates.


Participation is open to students in grades 1 to 10.

Participation fee:

➤ Indian Resident Students: Each participating student must pay INR 250 towards the cost of the examination.

➤ International Students: Each participating student must pay $10 (USD) towards the cost of the examination.

Points to remember:

➤ This Olympiad will be held entirely online.

➤ Individual students will be given log-in credentials and will be able to take the test by scheduling their exam during the specified exam period.


If you have any questions about the regulations, the format/pattern of the paper, or anything else, please contact the Olympiad coach by phone at +91 (820) 960-6900 or by email at info@stemworld.com.

FAQs related to the Mathematics Olympiad

The online math olympiad follows a similar curriculum to the respective classrooms. The syllabus is best suited for all three boards: state, CBSE, and ICSE. The level of difficulty of the questions is determined by the class of participants. Number theory, addition, subtraction, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, data handling, area, proofs, quadrilaterals, fractions, decimals, and other topics are covered in broad. The syllabus for each class can be accessed on the SWO syllabus page.

It is conducted at two levels by Stems World. It gives you a lot of practice before the final exam. Our study tools provide students with the opportunity to practice a wide range of topics. People who participated must register for this Olympiad on the SWO website in order to take part in this internationally acclaimed examination. Students in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to participate.

Yes. Math Olympiad is undoubtedly beneficial to all students who wish to improve their basic math skills. It provides additional practice in order to improve one’s understanding of the topic. Mathematics is one of those subjects that requires a lot of practice. The SWO ensures that students are well-versed in a variety of topics that are simply an extension of their school curriculum. Learners are required to learn difficult questions and learn how to solve challenges from the base up. Students improve their math skills by solving a range of problems. It teaches learners to consider all options in order to arrive at the correct solution. It is among the most popular Olympiad subjects.