Community Guidelines

Your online and offline registration with Meta STEMs and utilization of our resources or this site is subject to these Rules and our Terms of Use.
Respect and Protect all stakeholders

Each Meta Mate in our community (students, parents, advisors, and others) is distinct. Each member may possess different capabilities, knowledge, passions, and opinions than you. We ask that you treat all people in the community with dignity and respect. Don’t dismiss the other person’s point of view or suggestions. Explain why you disagreed with someone in a polite manner. Resolve the problems they’ve brought up in the manner in which you’d like to be discussed. In our organization, harsh words and claims of misconduct are not tolerated. If you believe you are being insulted, focus on the issues expressed rather than the attitude or method in which they are communicated.

Recognize the concept

Please keep in mind that the organization was developed exclusively to guide you and give you lots of the benefits of acquiring future-ready skills, a strong ethical structure, as well as a motivated community to discuss and grow along. We really need you to believe in this mission and will always be willing to assist your colleagues. Recognize that your tiny contribution can make a significant difference in someone’s achievements.

Ensuring the delivery

You accept that your information, material, or anything you offer to us at the time of registration will be assumed to be true and accurate. It is your job to verify their legitimacy and dependability.
We want you to be upfront and honest about taking full responsibility for any faults you or we make and sharing them with others. We will work together as a community to find constructive solutions to the problem that will benefit all.

Be logical and honest in your behavior.

You must always operate in proper purpose and in a respectable way, including but not restricted to our platform, conversation, grievance redressal, feedback, and information provision. We recommend you have an open and accepting approach. We feel proud in treating everyone’s decisions and ideas with respect.

Complaint misdoings privately

Complaint wrongdoings privately by writing us a text or email on official channels, or by calling the Community Administrators.

Advertising is forbidden

On each of our sites, writing with the goal of promoting the product or hiring individuals is forbidden. This includes combining it with your personal website or a website with which you may have contact primarily for the aim of increasing traffic or boosting search rankings. Make sure any links you provide answer a question or are specifically linked to your submission and the course subject. Please use our forum to learn and improve rather than as a commodity.

Appreciate the efforts of others

Honor other people’s hard work as well: Kindly do not copy and paste material from another site without the founder’s full consent. We have students with a wide range of skills in the community, so please be respectful when someone is looking to take your advice or assistance. Know that training to present your opinion in a positive and effective way, and also adjusting the structure of effective relationship development, will benefit you personally.

Submitting Reviews: Specific Criteria

All reviews, good or bad, are acceptable as long as they explain why the rating was given. “Your platform sucks.” will be delisted from reviews. Consider product evaluations and other feedback as resources for other Community members. Even if reviews are brief, they must include specific information.

Do you require assistance?

If you have any concerns, problems, or recommendations, please send them to us by mail at