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STEM education is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction. Through challenging exams, we hope to promote and encourage STEM education among all pupils. Students, parents, and educators gain vital insight and feedback from assessments as they master the process.

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Participate in an International Olympiad where students from all over the world come to our platform to demonstrate their capabilities. Exams like these prepare students for competitions on both a national and international level.

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For students who prefer a more discovery-based learning experience, a virtual or augmented world is ideal. They can learn at their own pace and experiment in a safe atmosphere while still being supervised and guided by the teacher, a virtual guest expert, or an AI-avatar.

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VR sparks the imagination and encourages creative thinking

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VR education for students with learning difficulties

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META STEM’s aim is to bring affordable virtual classrooms to all students globally. We aim to teach, test & trigger all capabilities of our students. Learn futuristic skills which open your horizons while allowing you to attain much-needed pragmatic skills.

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How STEM education will help shape the future.
MSTEMs International Olympiads- Meaning, Importance, Benefits

Meet Our Top Achievers

Shaunak Kulkarni

Podar International School – Cambridge, Powai
English Olympiad Winners – Rank 1

Vanshika Chauhan

The Bishops Co-ed School, Kalyani Nagar Pune
Science Olympiad Winners – Rank 1

Aviman Pratap Singh

The Doon School
GK Olympiad Winners – Rank 1

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